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Grizzly™ Portable Chainsaw Adapter

Grizzly™ Portable Chainsaw Adapter

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Turn any drill into a chainsaw

The Grizzly™ is a universal chainsaw adapter that fits on to any battery or corded drill. Just install, lock and cut. You can now trim, carve and sculpt your way with ease, thanks to Grizzly’s lightweight and portable design.

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  • Work faster and more efficiently with Grizzly’s lightweight and portable design, you no longer have to deal with any heavy, clumsy gas guzzling chainsaw again.
  • Protect your hip pocket. Affordable, reliable and lightweight means you no longer have to hire someone from Craig’s list to perform outdoor work. Just install, lock and cut!
  • Avoid the hassle of lifting a heavy chainsaw and fuel can around with you all day. All you need is a standard power drill and Grizzly to have a fully-fledged wood cutting machine.

Lightweight and cost effective, it is perfect for hobbyists, DIYers and weekend lumberjacks.

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  • Safety Baffle
    • Multiple Auxiliary Handle Points
    • Portable & Lightweight 
    • Quick Connect


    • Material: ABS+High Quality Steel
    • Color: Black
    • Clamping diameter of electric drill connecting rod: 5-13 mm/0.2-0.5 in
    • Electric drill connecting rod diameter: 8 mm/0.3 in
    • Cutting diameter: 0-120 mm/0-4.7 in
    • * Drills are for demonstration purposes only*

    Package Includes

    • 1 x Grizzly™ Portable Chainsaw Adapter
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

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