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JoyRide™ Child Bike Seat

JoyRide™ Child Bike Seat

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Give your little one a front row seat

JoyRide™ is a front mounted bike seat designed to allow your child to ride with you while they enjoy the scenery. All whilst they learn from you on how to navigate the twist and turns of riding out on a trail or the city. Take your little one along for every adventure!


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  • Teach navigation of trail or city riding. Children from a young age learn through observation, show them the best technique for handling difficult situations or terrain.
  • Make riding safer and more fun, by letting your little one enjoy the scenery sitting up front. You no longer you have to worry about what they’re getting up to in a rear mounted seat.
  • Share your love of biking, your child will feel like part of the action sitting up front with you out on the trail or cruising around town. JoyRide is perfect for exploring the great outdoors together.
  • Compatible with all major brands of adult bikes. From the most sleek road bike to full suspension downhill beasts, JoyRide has padded protection to keep your ride scratch free.

 A must-have for any family that loves the outdoors. 

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  • Quick release for easy installation and removal
  • Full rubber protection lining
  • Adjustable width and angle for snug fit (Main beam 30-70 mm)


    • Material: Aluminum/Rubber/Leather (Imitation)
    • Recommended Max Weight: 48lb/22kg 
    • Recommend Age: 18 - 60 months

    Package Includes

    • 1 x JoyRide™  Child Bike Seat
    • 1 x Instruction Manual

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